Toledo Testimonials

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Both of my daughters have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences at John Casablancas in Toledo. My husband and I originally signed them up to allow them access to wonderful teachers who would help them in areas of: dress, styling hair, caring for skin, applying make up, nutrition, walking, speaking and acting in a professional (and yet feminine) manner. We are so pleased to say that the actual courses far exceeded our expectations! The girls (18 and 14) have become more confident in their ability to dress professionally, casually and formally for any event or circumstance. They have cleaned out closets and reviewed clothes based on what suits them best and less on "what is the rage". They have been given opportunities through John Casablancas to read for movie parts, freeze model at the mall, work as promotional models and practice actual marketing skills in a controlled and mentored environment. We have been so pleased with the follow up by Bonnie, the director, and other teachers with both girls. The school really takes the students through all the paces to achieve whatever goals they have --whether it is public speaking, modeling, acting, professional interviews, job resumes etc.. We would highly recommend this program to any parent/child, (male or female) to give them confidence and competence in the competitive world we all live in!

Lori (Parent of Mary and Katie writing about John Casablancas - Toledo)

I have had a blast taking the classes! I learned a lot I did not know. Can't wait to make it on the big screen!

Lloyds (Graduate of John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas really helped me alot. I now understand things that I never knew before. It's amazing the things you learn there and it'll really help you. :) good luck and you should really join!

Casey (Graduate of John Casablancas - Toledo)

This course really helped me advance in my skills. I've been acting since I was seven and I learned so much from this. Even if you've already broken in to the business, this course can allow you to exceed the highest expectations. I feel prepared for a future life and career in this business.

Samantha (Graduate of John Casablancas - Toledo)

I have learned a lot and gained many new friends through John Casablancas in Toledo. I have been in about 3-4 fashion shows during my classes and 1 hair show. They really care about making you a better model and they look forward to seeing you on the big screen. I love it there, it's a peaceful and inspirational place.

Dacorsha (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

It definitely was in me:) I am currently a student at Toledo John Casablancas but soon to graduate! They have helped me so much. I've always had the confidence to be a model but they just boosted it up so much more and i don't know how i could ever thank them.

Brandie (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas has done a lot or me. I’ve learned so much about modeling and what I need to do to get in the industry.

Kayla (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas has boosted my confidence and that makes me happy. I feel really pretty being a part of this. I have learned so much here; how to walk, how to talk and everything in between.

Sarah (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas has taught me how to round out myself as a person. I can do my make up well now and carry myself in a more professional manner.

Marissa (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I’ve learned how to do my nails, my make up and how to walk. John Casablancas also taught me manners!

Shawnessy (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

Before I started John Casablancas I only wore baggy clothes, no make up and my hair was always in a ponytail. Now that I’m taking classes I feel so confident, absolutely radiant and completely beautiful. Also I now wear more girly and trendy clothes along with make up and a smile.

Hayley (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

While at John Casablancas I have learned many things. For example I have learned to be more outgoing, what colors I look good in and how to apply my make up. I have become a stronger person and my self esteem is much higher. I have also learned how to walk like a young lady should walk.

Breann (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

By attending John Casablancas I’ve gained much more self esteem and confidence. I’ve maintained better grades since attending and even got a better job I’m no longer shy and backwards when talking to people. Thank you so much!

Shelby Ann (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I started the program at John Casablancas about two weeks ago and have loved every second of it. The staff here has helped me a lot. My self esteem is going up and I feel so much better about myself. My family comments on how much better I carry myself. I feel so much better and more confident.

Elizabeth (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

Taking classes at John Casablancas has made me more confident both in my modeling career and in my everyday life. The techniques I have learned are invaluable and I would recommend that all young girls and models take the courses.

Kathryn (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas has helped me to become a better model. I look forward to classes every week. I’ve met many new people and have learned many things about myself. This program showed me to love myself for who I am. It showed me ways to improve and to love my flaws.

Mikenzie (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I like everything about John Casablancas. I came here for self-improvement and to make friends; I have been very successful with both. My self confidence and my personal style has improved a lot.

Anna (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

Taking classes at John Casablancas has helped me so much with modeling and has made me love myself more! I have learned so much here!

Hailey (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas has had a great influence on me so far even though I have just started. The teachers are fun and very easy to get along with. Every time I come to class I meet brand new people who are just as excited to be here as I am. There classes have made me a more outgoing and open person.

Priya (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I have never known an experience like John Casablancas until I went through the program myself. It was a truly incredible experience and it made me a happier person. The atmosphere is vibrant and exciting and the people are genuinely nice. The month and a half since I joined John Casablancas has been the greatest month and a half of my life!

Gregory (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I enjoy coming to John Casablancas because I meet a lot of good people and we learn a lot, but it is very fun. I also like how everyone is willing to help each other.

Jordan (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

It’s always been my dream to be a model and I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. Being at John Casablancas has changed my life so dramatically; it’s boosted my self esteem. I don’t look down on myself and think that I’m ugly anymore.

Rachel (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I loved going to classes for modeling because it helped me create an image for myself that makes me look nice. I look better and I carry myself like a confident person. Yeah!

Allison (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams both within the fashion industry and outside of it. Knowing things like how to walk properly and apply my makeup has helped me when interviewing for jobs and then making presenations in front of large groups of people.

Patricia (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

John Casablancas is kind of my getaway during the week. I always have fun and get to meet some of the nicest people! There are constantly new things to learn in every class and the instructors are well informed and trained. Just the awareness of what to wear and how to present myself makes it well worth it.

Melissa (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

Aside from my orientation class, I have only attended one class. Already, I've noticed a positive change change in my attitude, self-esteem and outward presence. I can only see this getting better over time and look forward to future classes. Also, the staff is great! Every person I've talked to has had such a great attitude and has been very helpful.

Megan (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I began classes at John Casablancas with my sister who wanted to model. However, after taking a few classes I realized jus thow much Iearned about myself. I now carry myself with much more confidence. I look forward to building my knowledge of the modeling world through the opportunities John Casablancas provides

Sarah (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I love John Casabllancas Model Agency. I'm only on my 5th class and I love it already. I can't wait to graduate. I love all the teachers that I have had so far, And Bryan Is So Great And Wonderful I look Up To HimSo Much

India (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I had Lot of funnnnn!!!!!!! Miss Jill is the best!!!!!

Lolita (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I loved my time attending my classes at John Casablancas in Toledo. The teachers are friendly and very helpful. They have given me the tools I need to get started in the modeling world. I wish I had started sooner!

Pamala (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I really enjoy going to John Casablancas and seeing a smile on everyone's faces. I truey think everyone actually wants to be there and that's what makes it so fun!

Sydney (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I am currently taking classes at John Casablancas Toledo and I love it! Every week we learn something new and the teachers make it a blast. I am only half way done but have learned so much already, and not just things for modeling, things that can be used everyday also. Going to John Casblancas has really changed how I look at myself and how I present myself. I will take this information with me for the rest of my life.

lily (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I enjoy every class I take. The teachers make me feel so welcome and they build up my energy! I look at myself as a better person now. Thank you to everyone there.

Sheena (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I attend John Casablancas in Toledo. I enjoy the school because it has taught me so much from techniques to personal selfworth. I have learned that everyone is talented in one way or another. Also to never compare yourselve to anyone else.

Jennifer (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I really love this modeling school. I've learned so much about poses and runway modeling as well as the procedure before shows like resumes and interviews. I can honestly say I'd be lost if I hadn't taken this course.

Michael (Student at John Casablancas - Toledo)

I found my classes to be very informative. I learned some new do's and don'ts about posing in photographs. We watch videos, and practiced our on poses and facial expressions. My teacher was a great help as well!