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My name is Tracy a 56 year old retired grandmother of 4 and a proud graduate from John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center in Oakbrook Terrace. My experience with John Casablancas was awesome. From the first moment I stepped foot in their door, the entire staff made me feel welcomed. From the Directors to the Acting Coaches to the Front Desk receptionist, it was always professional! In just that short period of time with John Casablancas I learned the importance of bringing out the best in me. I learned how to assert my abilities in areas I didn't even realize were there and My Acting Coach Kiea was and is a superb teacher who believed in me and pushed me to believe in myself. My plans are to access my acting skills by attending more classes at John Casablancas. I've been at this for a long time now and John Casablancas was the first to give me that chance of opportunities. I will be forever thankful to John Casablancas for opening those doors and allowing me to follow my dreams of pursuing a lifelong career of Modeling/Acting. I'm a strong believer in 'The proof is in the truth' & you got to show me because 'Actions do speak louder than words'. Thank you again John Casablancas Your proud Graduate, Tracy

Tracy (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

Participating in the classes and auditions at John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Career Centers literally changed my life.  Not only did these past twenty weeks allow me to actively pursue my dream of becoming an actress, but it also helped me tremendously in other areas of life, such as school.  For example, I earned much higher grades on speeches because of my ability to deliver in a confident, poised and professional manner.  These previously mentioned traits, along with several others, were enhanced by the encouraging guidance of Ms. Maggie.  By attending the auditions, I was able to gain skills that are extremely beneficial to my future.  First and foremost, I learned how to positively interact with all different kinds of people. What I found most rewarding was that the agents consistently gave me exceptional reviews regarding my attitude and personality. All of them suggested that my personality and positive attitude would take me very far, but that I needed some more experience first.  For that reason, I am very interested in taking their advice and sharpening my skills.  The best practice I can get would be attending another twenty week session at John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Career Centers.  I truly believe that with a few more classes and practice with more auditions, I will get closer and closer to achieving my goal.

Nicole (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

Dear Carmela and the John Casablancas Team, I wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for giving Presley such a wonderful experience. Presley told us at the age of 4 he wanted to be an actor. So we looked into getting him in to some acting classes. We did our research and we came across John Casablancas. Being that we didn't know anything about this industry or really thought much about t his being something our 4 year old would be interested in for very long, we really didn't know if this was a smart move or not. I have to tell you, we have never looked back and given it a second thought. From the time we started coming there, Presley enjoyed Saturday mornings. He started having auditions and we noticed his personality would just come alive after he walked out of the audition! Presley was signed with a couple different agencies. As of recent we decided to go exclusive with Lily's Talent Agency. Presley was signed with them for two years and he has never gone a month without work since he has been signed. He recently was given a National Campaign for the Tony Hawk line at Kohl's and you can see him in advertisements, mailers and posters throughout Kohl's nationwide. The doors that have opened for Presley after being at John Casablancas are still amazing to me and my husband. I find people ask us all the time after they see Presley on something how we got started. My answer is always the same, John Casablancas Modeling and Acting School. I have referred numerous families to you and I will continue. I tell people the money that we spent at the beginning for the classes was money that we looked at as buying education for our child to be confident. I tell people if nothing ever comes out of them getting work or having the same opportunities Presley has had, they can at least know their child will have an experience of teaching them to be confident and that is something they can take with them everywhere they go. So thank you Carmela and your team for giving Presley the opportunity and exposure to something he loves! Sincerely, Leigh Malizia-Carlson

Presley (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I have just returned from a very successful scouting experience at John Casablancas-Chicago. Carmela Cullotta runs a very warm, friendly and professional school. Students are taught the fundamentals of acting and more. The John Casablancas students are taught how important it is to be on time. They are taught how to converse with adults in a direct yet amicable manner. All of the students gain a tremendous amount of confidence because of this school. This will not only help them as actors in the entertainment industry but also as students at their local schools. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and students at John Casablancas-Chicago. It is easy for me to recommend this organization to all.

Jody - Director
Clear Talent Group
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I really enjoyed my scouting trip to Chicago. While it was freezing outside this past December, the energy level inside John Casablancas was red hot! It was a treat to see some fresh faces and talent. Carmela made the experience easy and very welcoming. I would definitely return to Chicago again!

Paul - Owner/Manager
Trusik Talent Management, Inc.
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

It all started last spring when Capitol Records told me to come out to NYC for a meeting, so I did and they got me this audition with a huge management company..I auditioned for the CEO named Jason..and we hit it off right away! I have been working with him ever since. He has managed many big carrie underwood, kellie pickler, selena gomez, michael jackson, the jonas brothers, and more! This summer, Jason(CEO) sent me to LA for about 3 weeks and I got to record and write in the studio at JAM productions. It was honestly the most incredible experience I have ever gone through. I worked with Kristinia Debarge(pop singer) the entire time in the studio, she was basically my mentor, and taught me so much about being in the spotlight and working in the entertainment business. She was like my big sister. I also had the honor to work with many songwriters and producers that have written hits I feel very blessed! Then after the songs were done, I was sent to a great photographer for promotional pictures. We are now in the promotional stage of my career, my songs are going to be on the radio in about 6 months, and in about a month they are putting me in music magazines and other things...its all apart of Jason's idea of getting me a record deal, but he wants as much hype for me as possible before signing anything, so that we can get the greatest deal possible! & it all started because of you and everyone at John Casablancas! I couldn't thank you enough. My dreams finally seem real to me, it’s unbelievable. Now you can purchase my music on Itunes!

Marirose (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

When I visited John Casablancas, Chicago, I expected to see a few truly strong young actors and many other kids simply trying their best to compete. The overall talent of this group surprised me - surpassing every showcase I have visited in the past decade! Hoping to find one excellent young actor for my roster, I now find myself struggling to choose from so many incredibly talented kids, I certainly will have to offer quite a few! Thank you again! I absolutely look forward to returning in the future knowing that top talented young actors will be ready to go!

Martin - Owner
Martin Weiss Management
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Being from Los Angeles, we see tons of talent and showcases with children , young actors and (some older ones thrown in there too for good measure), all the time. After seeing Carmela's John Casablanca's well-trained talent in Chicago, I wonder where this dynamo has been all these years!-----literally, training the talent! They were a breath of fresh air for us, especially knowing that someone cares enough to do their very best! Those of us industry professionals REALLY do appreciate all the hard work that it takes to groom a new talent into a viable sellable commodity for the various facets of Sho-Business. Looking forward to seeing more of these young people here and on the screen! Thank you again, Jean and Kathy, Page Management, Los Angeles/SanFrancisco, Calif.

Jean - Manager/Owner
Page Management
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Awesome! That is the word to describe John Casablancas-Chicago. We are continually amazed with the professionalism of all of the John Casablancas actors. We have seen the John Casablancas actors at scouting weekends in Chicago, always totally prepared, always totally professional. We are impressed with their training. We have already discovered one young actor, Jonah Crosby. Jonah booked his first Los Angeles audition as an M.P. Management client, after CeCe Cline and Cassiopeia Productions auditioned him. This truly goes to show how tremendous the training is at John Casablancas. Carmela, Director of Education at John Casablancas, truly cares about her actors. One great school. One great director.

Marlene - Talent Manager
MP Management
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I can honestly say that every actor I met at John Casablancas Chicago was outstanding. I could see that the John Casablancas classes had turned these actors into polished, confident and talented actors who have very bright futures in the entertainment industry and in life in general. Thank you to Carmela Lucarelli for her amazing organizational skills and for introducing us to this wonderful group of actors. I look forward to casting more of your students.

Cece Cline - Head of Development
Cassiopeia Productions, Inc.
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Chicago's John Casablancas school has some great young developing talent. Many have a Chicago feel which is often appreciated when casting is specifically looking for that authentic essence in a role. Some just outright have the potential of the "It Factor". John Casablancas brings a large group of talent together to make my job of scouting talent much easier!

Thomas - Agent
The Corsa Agency
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I recently graduated from John Casablanca's in Chicago and now living in LA 2 months later with a manager and agent. Plus I booked my first audition for a webisode in the first 2 weeks I was out here! The acting coaches at John Casablanca's in Chicago are outstanding they have taught me so much about acting, being confident, and life. Plus John Casablancas Chicago has an amazing director who loves her job and cares a lot about the kids there. Going to this school is a great way to meet managers and agents from all over that want to sign you. John Casablancas Chicago made my dreams come true and they can make your come true as well!

Patrick (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

This is a letter to show my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for Carmella Lucarelli, Miss Christine, and all of the other coaches. I wiill be the first to admit I was EXTREMELY skeptical about this and made my feelings known. My son has been taking acting classes at John Casablancas for awhile now and has always been sort of a loner in practicing for auditions and such. To say this has changed our lives is an understatement. My quiet child took the runway by storm!!! I cannot tell you the awe and pride I felt when other parents/managers/talent and acting managers bragged to me how well he knew his material and how awesome he is. I never knew!!! He also found a new love of the runway.. And every single manager/scout was someone big and completely legit. This was an unbelievable experience. From a single mother who is the sole wagearner and a nurse whho scrapes by from week to week-if you get this opportunity SIEZE it!!! John Casablancas will prepare you, back you up, and guide you!!! We have also developed very tight bonds and we are all sticking together in this for those of us starting in CHicago and those of us contemplating a move to LA!! Doing this completely on my own I can't imagine doing it any other way than with John Casablancas, Carmella and her crew! Thank you for such an incredible experience!!!

Lisa (Parent of Kyle writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas Chicago is an excellent resource for parents who find themselves with a talented child! If you and your child need guidance and creative direction for a career in the Arts -- or if you just want to polish your child and get them ready for the world, John Casablancas Chicago is a great place to be affiliated with!

PATRICK - Casting Director
Casting by Patrick Baca, CSA
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

As always the talent I saw last week in at the John Casablanca Chicago location was exceptional! Their students were well prepared and focused. Hats off to their instructors for providing top notch training. I look forward to seeing my call backs in Los Angeles. Most importanly I would like to thank the staff for giving me the opportunity to visit their school and look forward to returning!

Cyndee - Owner
CRKids Talent
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Before attending John Casablancas I was shy and I held back a lot, I was not using all of my potential, nor did I know much about make-up or fashion. I had first wanted to model, I had never thought I could act. As soon as I started classes I began coming out of my shell, even my family and friends were noticing my transformation! Who know such a thing could change a person? John Casablancas has given me more opportunities than I could have imagined. The coaches and my director Carmela are all AWESOME at what they do and are there to help you so you can succeed! I have received countless callbacks from agents and managers who came in to John Casablancas. I have 3 agencies here in Chicago, and am in the process of signing with a huge manager from LA! I have also been on the cover of two magazines! It has now been 3 years since I started at John Casablancas, and I am now an outgoing, confident, loud, beautiful young woman. I feel so accomplished! I am sure you have wanted to be on something such as a TV show, or in one of those magazines you see in the stands, or walk the runways of Milan and Paris. John Casablancas is the start of you dreams and your future career!

Taylor (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

Kelly and I had a very enjoyable and successful day at the John Casablancas in Chicago. Your students were prepared, looked darling, and for the most part had age appropriate pictures. Please thank your hard working staff for us!

Susan - Owner
Susan Nathe & Associates
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I had the pleasure of attending a John Casablancas Chicago showcase this past weekend. I must say that I was more than impressed with the students training and professionalism. Carmela and the rest of the staff are incredibly passionate about their students and are a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to coming back soon to meet new talent!!

Tracy - Booking Agent
BMG Model and Talent
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

"I just loved meeting all of John Casablanca's students. I couldn't believe how many great kids we saw. They have a great eye and run a tight ship. Which we appreciate. I can't wait to go back to find my new stars!"

Jen Boyce - Agent
The Savage Agency-LA
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I had the pleasure of attending a showcase last week at John Casablancas-Chicago and I must say that it was a rewarding experience. The kids were great, well prepared and totally focused on what they had to do. My callback list was quite long. And Carmela and her staff were very helpful and professional and they made a long day flow smoothly. My assistant and I felt totally welcome and at ease Thanks for a great time and I look forward to coming again. But not when it's cold, sleeting and gray! What's up with that?

Bill - Talent Agent
Commercial Talent Kids
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I recently had the pleasure of visiting John Casablancas, Chicago. I was very impressed with the training the students had received. Their students were prepared and delivered excellent performance and audition skills. I saw great talent and look forward to having some of their students travel to Los Angeles to further explore this side of the business. Thank you again!

Cyndee - Talent Manager
CRKids Talent
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Years ago I was an actress with a degree in theater and music and a background in dance from Columbia College Chicago. I have been a teacher for 15 years and now taking acting on film at the J.C center. The coach is great and so is the staff at the John Casablancas center. Taking acting on film has helped me get headshots, resume, and 5 monologues, and lots of commercials that I practiced in class and on film. I have more confidence, all of this help has allowed me to be ready for new opportunities coming my way. Thank you!

Anna (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I had the pleasure of attending John Casablancas Chicago and seeing their terrific talent. Their students are properly prepared, well-trained and possess the right skills, techniques and traits necessary to audition in this business. The energy, attitude and atmosphere of the school was wonderful. I always look forward to going back and discovering more fantastic actors and models.

Jeremy - Youth Division Head
Abrams Artists Agency
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas Chicago brings talent to the table. The facility is fantastic, the staff is dedicated and the students are always well prepared; for acting AND for life."

Erik Austin - Talent Agent
CMT Management/JLO West
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

My Very First moments at John Casablancas Chicago are unforgettable. Josh and Sarah introduced themselves to me and then soon after welcomed me to the family with exciting arms. They (All of the John Casablancas Team in Chicago) have again and again shown me how much they appreciate me and how we are a team that is going to get me to my Dream. I have worked so hard, not giving up on anything. And im seeing amazing results. I have top modeling agencies in the world asking to see me, i have had amazing opportunities woth amazing photographersand so much more. Josh, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me when no one else would.

Sabreja (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

The whole experience was very fun and helpful. My teachers taught me so many things that I never knew before. It was so fun meeting new people and knowing what it is like in the modeling world.

Lydia (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for my experience at John Casablancas. Coming in to both the program and interning/working at the front desk, I didn't have a huge knowledge on either. Coming out of classes and graduating from interning to working the front desk I felt so prepared. From there I have gone on to sign with MMG (from LAUNCH), been on a movie set and create some amazing connections in the industry. I am so grateful for this experience and I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Specifically, thank you Maria for seeing something in me and allowing me to further and strengthen my knowledge. Though I am in school, I still maintain a drive to continue an upward climb to success. Thank you again so much. I hope to see you all soon.

Eva (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love my classes at John Casablancas. My teacher, Ms.Melissa, is really sweet and nice. Also ive made new friends, and we all have fun in the process. And is helping me reach my goal.

Ashtar (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

To Whom It May Concern: I am a parent of an aspiring actress. My daughter, Olivia, came to John Casablancas Chicago in December 2011. She came with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn about acting. John Casablancas welcomed her in the same way, with a positive attitude and a willingness to help her learn about acting. The staff was very welcoming and professional, from the front desk secretary, to the teachers and acting coaches. My daughter learned the importance of having a positive self-image, good self esteem and how to act in a professional manner. The classes at John Casablancas were wonderful, helping her gain confidence in herself and in her ability to present herself well. The classes taught her important acting lessons, and helped her improve her public speaking ability. She is much more outgoing since attending John Casablancas Chicago. She enjoyed attending classes with peers her age, interacting, making new friends, and having fun. She loved her acting coach, Mr. Nick! She enjoyed going on auditions and meeting some wonderful, helpful casting agents and others. It was well worth the investment, as she successfully was able to book auditions in LA recently. She is a much more confident, outgoing girl, who enjoys meeting others. She learned so much about acting from John Casablancas. I appreciate the help the staff there has provided, even when her acting classes were finished. They are always willing to help you child be successful! Thank you to John Casablancas for a wonderful experience.

Lynette (Parent of Olivia writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas Chicago made all the difference for our son.Without John Casablancas Chicago, Caleb would have never had the skill or courage to charge into an acting career. It was exactly what we needed as parents to get him started to know who to trust and where to start. After a successful week at IMTA New York and 40 callbacks, Caleb had the opportunity to choose which agent was best for him. Within a couple of weeks, he had an agent in Chicago and Los Angeles.Since then, he has been on the Jonas Brothers, The Middle, the lead in a music video, the lead in a short film that just premiered at the LA short film festival and much more. He has really become the person he was meant to be and really grown as an actor. He has a few movie offers on the table now and the sky is the limit for his career! Thanks so much to Carmela and John Casablancas Chicago for all you did to start us off with the right foundation.I have learned over and over that in this industry it comes down to who you know and John Casablancas Chicago knows the right people to connect you with! This is a hard industry to break into so start with every advantage possible!

Jadie (Parent of Caleb writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Dear Rob: My daughter, Trinity, started in March 2011 with John Casablancas. She loves working with John Casablancas and interacting with the other children. She has had previous experience in front of an audience and her confidence has always been pretty solid. One asset she came in the door with is her ability to memorize her lines relatively quickly. However, the technique she learned at John Casablancas has boosted her confidence even more. She values the feedback given by both Ms. Christina and Ms. Maggie. She's learned, and continues to work on her pace and enunciation.Trinity has always been very independent and hard working. John Casablancas has provided her an outlet for her creativity while doing what she loves. She completed her resume the same evening we'd signed up! She takes it very seriously and John Casablancas supports her focus.Overall, John Casablancas has provided Trinity with an outlet for her creativity and experience with what's expected in her chosen industry.

Taffy (Parent of Trinity writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Dear Mr. Masny: Our daughter, Taylor, was so excited when she was accepted to attend John Casablancas modeling center. Although she has only been a student for three months, she has already gained confidence and poise. She absolutely loves going to class! The staff at John Casablancas has been very supportive and understanding of what it takes to make it in the business.We are so happy Taylor is at John Casablancas!

Nick & Debbie (Parent of Taylor writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Thank you for everything Ms. Katrell, because you really didn’t have to put up with me. You are truly someone I appreciate. I’m so blessed I had this experience & I learned soooo much. You’re a great modeling teacher & role model ☺ Again I say thank you! Xoxo

Ryan (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

Hi “Mz K”, just wanted to say thank you for every courtesy you extended Ryan and me. It was an experience she will not soon forget. It made such a difference in her life. She is so humbled and appreciative. While in the cab on the way to the airport, this cutie-pie driver complimented her on her beauty and spirit – and asked if she modeled, and told her how things were going to open-up for her, and wished her the best! He kept driving for awhile, and then all of a sudden he said with such concern in his voice, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” I said, “What???” I looked, and she had crocodile tears. I asked why she was crying…she said she just felt so blessed! And everything she’s experienced just hit her all of a sudden. She is determined to make it big in the industry! That took my breath away. Thank you Ms. K. You are a big part of that. THANK YOU! You are sorely needed in this industry. Thank you for showing my daughter love. Thank you for being you!

TJ (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

In all honesty, I was very skeptical of John Casablancas when I first signed my daughter. I knew nothing about this industry and was worried it was a scam. I thought if someone in this industry wanted money from you that it wasn't legit. That whole statement couldn't be more wrong, in this case. I quickly learned that John Casablancas is a school and not just any school, a highly respected school by this industry. And just like anyone in any career, it is critical to attend classes and seminars to help further and polish your skills. I also quickly learned that John Casablancas is an investment in my daughter's future and this was the best decision I could have made to start my daughter's career and helping her achiever her dreams.My daughter loves John Casablancas and I love watching her grow and polish her acting and modeling skills. The directors, coaches, and instructors are amazing. They show true professionalism and true genuine care towards her. My experience with John Casablancas has been nothing but positive.Thanks to John Casablancas my daughter now knows how to present herself at an audition with confidence and poise. Because of John Casablancas she now has several offers from highly respected managers and agencies from Chicago, New York, and LA. We are currently looking forward to spending several months in LA this winter. I am internally grateful to John Casablancas for everything they have done. Thank you John Casablancas!

Dana (Parent of Gabrianna writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I am writing this letter on the day of my daughter’s 10 week graduation. She still has 10 weeks to go, but I am impressed with how far she has come. Our daughter has been dancing competitively for years, but has always struggled with talking in front of others. In school, while she had good grades she would always get comments or marked down for talking so quietly. Since taking classes at John Casablancas, Taylor has gained confidence and her self-esteem has increased. She attended her first day of high school last week with minimal anxiety. She is talking to people she had not previously met and is off to a great start.Taylor has enjoyed her classes with her coach, Mr. Nick, and we are excited to see what the next 10 weeks brings. Thank you!

Kathy (Parent of Taylor writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I wanted to take some time to write you a letter to tell you how wonderful our experience has been with John Casablancas. My son, Elijah K., began classes in September 2009. Since then he has had multiple opportunities that have resulted in wonderful, lifetime memories and experiences. I'm positive that regardless of how far Elijah goes in "stardom", he will forever remember this time of his life. As well, he will be able to use the skills he is taught and learned plus his experiences wherever his life may take him. Elijah has taken many classes with many teachers in his time so far at John Casablancas. He has been able to enjoy both acting and modeling classes which has given him the chance to fully take part of what John Casablancas offers. Elijah has, of course, learned the techniques of acting and modeling. However, he has also learned how to deal with different personalities, how to handle his own frustrations of how to communicate what he thinks and feels to another who doesn't see it from his perspective, and how to get over those little butterflies that rise up just before an audition (thankfully he's never experienced extreme nervousness and now never should). We have had some fantastic experiences so far in our John Casablancas adventure. Elijah and I attended IMTA in Los Angeles in January of 2010. That was so much fun and for certain something that we will both remember for a very long time. In fact, we hope to be able to attend IMTA in New York soon. Elijah has been able to audition for a multitude of casting agents via auditions as well as attend Actors Workshops set up by John Casablancas. In addition, Elijah has gone on several auditions outside of John Casablancas thanks to Carmela informing us of such great opportunities. His favorite outside audition was for the role of Oskar in "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." Elijah has even signed recently with Baker & Rowley Talent Agency. They called to audition him after receiving Elijah's headshot and resume from Carmela. John Casablancas has helped Elijah grow in so many ways that they will forever have an imprint on who he is as he becomes a man. They have helped develop his understanding of himself, given him an outlet for anxiety in his life, shown him that he controls who he is and what he does, and most of all, they have believed in him. John Casablancas Chicago has been a giftto Elijah and to me. I only wish I had found them 3 years earlier when I first started looking for a place like this for Elijah. Thank you for believing in and supporting Elijah Thomas Kelly. Keep watching, John Casablancas, he's going places and you are a part of that destiny.I am grateful for the John Casablancas Team,

Jenni (Parent of Elijah writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has been such an inspiration and influence in Judaea’s life. In the summer of 2009, she was picked to attend the International Modeling & Talent Association (IMTA) in New York City. During her week long stay in the Big Apple, she received numerous awards, Child Actor of the Year Honorable Mention; Commercial Print Winner and Monologue Winner. All of her training for that week was courtesy of John Casablancas and I must say one of the most educational experiences of her life. The training, support and criticism she received was immeasurable, as a parent I am so glad that my daughter was able to be a part of such a fantastic experience.Beginning in September, 2011, she will star in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific, Based on The Lincoln Center Theater Production, she will be playing the role of Ngana. She recently starred in Macbeth as Macduff’s oldest daughter at the Lyric Opera House, Chicago. She also starred in Fantasea as the Little Girl at the John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago.Judaea starred in two short films, The Package as Mercedes for Noise Makers Entertainment and The Christmas Tree as Rasheeda for Columbia College. Judaea has also starred in a Steak & Shake commercial with the Cheering Crowd.In summer 2010, Judaea received her First Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Judaea B. (Parent of Judaea writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

In December, 2010 we answered a television ad for an audition with John Casablancas, because my son Jacob said he wanted to be a comic actor. He began classes at John Casablancas-Chicago in January, 2011. It was a most fortunate thing for him to do, and set off a wonderful series of events. Jacob loved his teachers at John Casablancas. John Casablancas provided the opportunity to audition for Hollywood talent agents and managers and to become a part of IMTA, the International Modeling and Talent Association. These opportunities provide access to real top agents and managers that can make your child's career. We were fortunate that Jacob was immediately noticed and was included in IMTA. As a result of John Casablancas auditions and IMTA competitions Jacob received callbacks, the ability to set up meetings with agents/managers if we were to visit LA. We took advantage of this shortly after the NYC IMTA at the beginning of August. We decided to go to LA to leverage the callbacks, meet new people, and try to understand what were facing if Jacob's wishes for an acting career came true. All of the agents/managers that we met in LA acknowledged that John Casablancas-Chicago and Carmela for knowing how to spot talent in kids. Many of the best kids at IMTA come from John Casablancas-Chicago. The fact that John Casablancas provides frequent auditions gets kids comfortable with the audition process, and they receive that requisite training to make the auditions productive. Jacob and I spent 10 days in LA and met with 6 talent and management agencies. Everyone expressed an interest in signing him. One of the agencies recommended Jacob to a casting director for a new show on Disney, and Jacob auditioned for the role on our last day in LA. We left LA with an agent. This was far beyond our wildest expectations. Since then Jacob has booked a part in a play at Provision Theater. None of this would have been possible without John Casablancas-Chicago and the IMTA. Scott Becker

Jacob (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

My daughter Kelsey was lucky enough to participate in your program. Her instructor for 20 weeks was Miss Maggie. Kelsey loved her. Miss Maggie took a special interest in Kelsey and got to know her on a personal level. Miss Maggie was able to bring out Kelsey's creativity and allowed her talents to show through. By working outside of her comfort zone, Miss Maggie helped Kelsey to be a better public speaker, have confidence in herself, become more spontaneous, and take pride in her acting. They worked very well together and I am grateful for the positive influence that she instilled in Kelsey. Kelsey was involved with the John Casablancas talent show in which Miss Keia helped her to perform her skit with confidence, poise and charm. Miss Keia was great and Kelsey commented several times about how she knew how to make people laugh and have a good time while learning the tricks of the trade We were invited to attend IMTA in New York. This was extremely exciting and Kelsey began to work with another amazing John Casablancas instructor, Miss Kaley. I noticed that Miss Kaley also had a positive influence on Kelsey. They had a great time together and Kelsey learned how to carry herself when meeting agents and managers. One of the greatest obstacles for Kelsey was cold reads which Miss Kaley helped her to conquer. They had a great deal of fun in each and every class. For the moment, Kelsey is finishing high school and has been in several Community Productions, all of which she had leading roles. Again I attribute her success in the leading roles to the spectacular instruction from John Casablancas. in the upcoming months Kelsey will be auditioning for her high school play and for Show Choir. I'm confident that she will do well. The New York Conservatory has been in contact with Kelsey and has received a partial scholarship for their summer program if we so choose to accept it. In summary both Miss Kaley and Miss Maggie did a marvelous job in preparing Kelsey for the real acting world. The John Casablancas organization is a wonderful program for those looking to become someone in the performing arts career. The organization is also responsible for introducing Kelsey to other talented young adults which she now considers life long friends.Thank you for all you have done for Kelsey and her dreams in becoming a star.

Debbie (Parent of Kelsey writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

My daughter Jasmine had been bugging my wife Jenny and I for over a year about a commercial on television. This commercial was asking the kids that were watching if they would like to be on their favorite television show or even be just like their favorite child actor and actress on television that they should have their parents call this phone number for an audition. Well, after almost six months of Jasmine pleading with Jenny and me to make the call I finally broken down and took a chance When it comes to your children you are always very protective so when I started to talk to the individual on the phone I was a little apprehensive, but within a very short time she was able to put some of my concerns at ease. I always try to stay in touch with a lot of things that go on so when I found out that the acting and modeling classes were through John Casablancas I knew we were at least heading in a good direction. We set up an appointment early the next week to sit down and meet with the education director Brigitte. One of the first things that were brought up in our discussion was Jasmine's schooling. Brigitte was very adamant that one of the stipulations of John Casablancas School was that all of their students must have an above average grade in the school and that if there was any signs that they were slipping in the education that John Casablancas classes would have to be reevaluated. This was one thing that was very important for Jenny and I, that Jasmine still would continue to put schooling first and that John Casablancas also felt the same way. Brigitte was very thorough and answered all of our questions that we had and was able to relieve even more uneasiness from Jenny and I. When we left that evening we had signed on for 20 weeks of acting and modeling classes through John Casablancas. The week before Jasmine's classes started we met with the school's director, Carmela, who we could tell really seemed to care about all of the kids in the school and most importantly to us, Jasmine. Over the next several months Jasmine would go once a week to classes on a Saturday under the guidance of her teacher Ms. Christina. Jasmine had a lot of fun in the classes not only in acting with the kids, but Jenny and I could see the change in Jasmine as she seemed to gain more confidence in herself. Right around Thanksgiving the talk in the school turned to an upcoming competition in Los Angeles that January, called IMTA, International Modeling and Talent Association. Once again Jenny and I were leery about a competition involving the kids mostly because at that time Jasmine was only turning 7 years old at the end of December. After talking with Ms. Christina and Carmela and even the rest of the parents, we decided to give Los Angeles a chance. Even though the trip cost money Jenny and I would not have changed our minds about going after we saw what transpired. Jasmine had a tremendous time competing in all of the events and what Jenny and I really liked was how extremely professional everything was run especially when are dealing with kids of this age. It was a very busy week, but once again Jasmine's teachers during the week were terrific. Ms. Katrell and Ms. Butthead along with Carmela had an extreme amount of patience, not only with the kids, but also with the parents. I guess the teachers at John Casablancas knew what they were talking about when it came to Jasmine, especially Ms. Maggie, because at the end of the competitions, Jasmine came away with seven trophies, including Commercial Print of the Year and the winner for the Jeans Competition in her age group. Before the competition began, Jenny and I talked to Jasmine and tried to reassure her that this competition is with kids from across the country and if you don't win anything just make sure that you have fun. After the competition was over we realized then that John Casablancas had prepared these kids. excellently and not only did they have fun, but they were the best prepared and the most professional group of competitors in the competition throughout the week. Near the end of the week the kids were able to "network" and meet many agents and, managers that are in the business that might be able to launch their careers. When you go through this day and talk to all of these people and try to have your child impress everyone in the room with their talents you come away with a throbbing headache. You wonder how anything in this room could be accomplished! Looking back on this day, now seven months removed, this was a very important day in Jasmine's life as an actress/model. John Casablanca's school has provided Jasmine with numerous opportunities with meeting a wide variety of influential people in the entertainment field. Because of all of these opportunities Jasmine now has a manager based out of Los Angeles looking for acting roles in movies, television and commercials. In addition, Jasmine also has two agents based out of Chicago seeking out print work in the industry for her. Starting January 2012, Jasmine will be representing American Girl on their website and possibly print catalogs for the next two years. Without John Casablancas, this opportunity would not have been possible for Jasmine. Jasmine's acting/modeling career now rests in her hands as far as dedication and hard work that she puts into it going forward. No matter what happens down the road, Jasmine will always have these wonderful memories of competing on stage and learning form a great group of teachers. Jenny and I will always be very thankful knowing how much Jasmine was able to learn and if another worried set of parents come up to us asking for advice concerning their "budding little actor or actress" Jenny and I, and especially Jasmine, would not hesitate in sending them to a very professional and caring school in Oakbrook, John Casablancas.

Michael & Jenny (Parent of Jasmine writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

For Lizbeth it has been a great experience where she has reinforced her confidence and is no longer afraid to get in front of a large group of people and give a speech, but besides all that John Casablancas has taught her that everything is possible and to believe in her dreams. John Casablancas has show Lizbeth how much potential she has, and that if she has confidence she will go far with her dreams.

Sandra (Parent of Lizbeth writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

My experience with John Casablancas was amazing; something that happened unexpectedly. I am so grateful that my Mom called and signed me up. I just went looking for a new experience following my dream to become an actor; so I gave it a shot and things started to happen. Now I have a manager and agents, it's totally surreal to me. I've been in a magazine, auditioned for TV and movies and going for the ride with Mitchell Gossett at United Talent. Thank you John Casablancas!

Julio (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

My son has been taking classes at John Casablancas. The experience he has realized since staring his classes has been incredible. I never could have imagined what my son is capable of. John Casablancas brought somthing out of him that I never realized he had. Furthermore, he is incredibly more confident and secure about who he is and the direction he wants to go. I cannot say enough about the directors. They are incredibly professional and always took my sons best interest into consideration. Because of my sons experience and training with John Casablancas he is now signed with an agent and manager in LA. Thank You John Casablancas!!! Would not wanted to have gone through the process without you.

Angelina (Parent of William writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I just LOVE John Casablancas! what an amazing experience! This Center is the Best thing that has ever happened to me! I now have an agent in Chicago and a Manager in LA! Thanks sooo much John Casablancas!

Chrissy (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

hiii! no i haven't officially signed with anybody yet...but it all started last spring when capitol records told me to come out to new york for a meeting, so I did and they got me this audition with a huge management company..I auditioned for the CEO named Jason..and we hit it off right away! I have been working with him ever since. He has managed many big carrie underwood, kellie pickler, selena gomez, michael jackson, the jonas brothers, and more! This summer, Jason(CEO) sent me to los angeles for about 3 weeks and I got to record and write in the studio at JAM productions. It was honestly the most incredible experience I have ever gone through. I worked with Kristinia Debarge(pop singer) the entire time in the studio, she was basically my mentor, and taught me so much about being in the spotlight and working in the entertainment business. She was like my big sister. I also had the honor to work with many songwriters and producers that have written hits I feel very blessed! Then after the songs were done, I was sent to a great photographer for promotional pictures. We are now in the promotional stage of my career, my songs are going to be on the radio in about 6 months, and in about a month they are putting me in music magazines and other things...its all apart of Jason's idea of getting me a record deal, but he wants as much hype for me as possible before signing anything, so that we can get the greatest deal possible! & it all started because of you and everyone at John Casablancas! I couldn't thank you enough. My dreams are finally seeming real to me, its unbelievable. I will keep you posted!

Marirose (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I just have to express how grateful I am for you believing in my talented son Jeremiah Garcia he has accomplished two commercials and now his first Print Ad for Kohls.... I do not forget where he started lots of love to the John Casablancas team Carmella and. Mrs. Keia!!! Lots of Love from the Garcia Fam!!! Soon he will get his biggest dream FILM!!!

Marisol (Parent of Jeremiah writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Hi, my name is Elijah. I'm 8 years old and attend classes at John Casablancas in Chicago. I love going to my classes, my teachers, and Ms. Carmela. I've taken a class to learn how to do Commercials and another class to learn more Monologues. I learned commercials, monologues. My favorite is "What a Waste". It's a fun one to do. My next class is a modeling class. I've made some great friends at John Casablancas and I always love to go to class. I feel like I get to be myself there. My mom says I have a great imagination and that helps me with my acting. I can't wait to see what else I learn. John Casablanca school is so great. I love going to classes and I'm so happy my family found it so that I can go to school there.

Elijah (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

My son, Elijah, attends classes at John Casablanca in Oak Brook Terrace (Chicago). He is about to finish up with his 2nd class and start his 3rd class in a couple weeks. I signed him up for the 3 year program and have not regretted in for one moment. The Chicago John Casablancas staff is absolutely awesome! They have helped Elijah find his true self and learn how to express himself so that he feels comfortable and has no fear to be who he is. I am so grateful to have found John Casablancas, a place where my son can finally learn how to fine tune his natural talent. I spent 3 years looking for the right place and the right people. I finally found it in John Casablanca-Chicago. Thank you to Carmela and all her staff for becoming part of our extended family!!!! You all rock!!!!

Jenni (Parent of Elijah Kelly writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Hi I am Zuly and the first time I walked in to class it was so fun though I was kind of scared but it sure was a whole lot of fun. I loved my teacher and I am still going to class it's so fun we played lots of games and my new friends are great. I hope everyone likes John Casablancas because I sure do and it was my dream to be on YV and I hope I make it. I am having so much fun xoxo bye hugs and kisses.

Zuly (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I just LOVE John Casablancas Chicago!! What a great experience and I am so happy to be a part of this great Center!

Anna (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I had such an amazing time at John Casablancas Chicago! what a great program to get involved in for acting and modeling. I learned so much about the industry and now im ready to start working with the 2 agents I signed with in Chicago because of John Casablancas. Thanks to Everyone at John Casablancas for believing in me!!

Lisa (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I like John Casablancas because they helped me a lot so I think John Casablancas is the best acting school. It is so cool! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Karina (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

You guys are a very great place to come too!

Simon (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I went to the John Casablancas Center in Chicago and everyone there was professional and fun to work with. I think I learned a lot about myself and the business. I really appreciated the help and the classes.

Joanna (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

Words cannot express my thoughtsand feelings and what I visualized at John Casablancas-Chicago. "Eyes have not see; nor ears heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him" (Cor. 2:9) It was AWESOME, WELL-ORGANIZED and BEAUTIFICALLY setup for everyone who participated; especially for the children. My hat goes off to John Casablancas & Staff. Without all of you (Carmella, Maria, Kristine, Kiea and Katrell. "It would not have happen." Your love, commitment, hard works and patient took us to Los Angeles. "You Girls Rocks" "2010" We Win!!!!!!

Wanda (Parent of Juanita writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I just wanted to say "Thank you" to the John Casablancas in Chicago. This has been everything that I thought it would be. My daughter Sara loves going to class every week with Mrs. KIea. I also always feel welcomed by the School Director Carmella, anytime I need anything she is always there to answer my questions. Sara just recieved her 2nd callback from an LA agent, and when I called Carmella to talk about this she really took the time to explain the process and what decisons to make. That meant alot to Sara and myself. My daughter is now signed with two agents, one in Chicago and one in Los Angeles. Sara is so excited she cant stop talking about it! Mrs. Kiea is wonderful. Anytime Sara needs help with a script, monologue, or before an audition Mrs. Kiea goes above and beyond to prepare Sara. I have noticed such a change in Sara, she is very confident, happy, and works harder for her dreams. As a Parent, I want whats best for my daughter and I truly feel this program is great! Thank you to Carmella and Mrs. Kiea for everything!

Vicki (Parent of Sara writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

This program is awesome! I have learned so much and it has been the best experience of my life. The coaches are amazing and know so much about the industry. I feel so welcomed every week by the John Casablancas coaches and Director every week! Thank you so much for making this the bext thing I ever did!

Claire (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I just Love going to John Casablancas. It is such an amazing experience. You have to join the Program to understand how great the program really is and what this company can do for you. The coaches at John Casablancas are amazing and the Director is always there to guide you through your Career. I have so much confidence now and I understand the industry so much better now!

Sarah (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

Thank you John Casablancas-Chicago for giving my daughter Victoria a great jump start in her acting and modeling career! Through the monthly auditions and talent marketing available at John Casablancas Victoria has been able to meet with many agents, obtain many callbacks and secure representation from top Agencies in LA and at regional level. She has booked several jobs at local level and she is getting ready to jump into to the LA arena guided by the awesome agent that represents her and that she met through John Casablancas. We are convinced that the training and exposure that Victoria has received at John Casablancas Chicago has been key in her success. Thanks Carmela! Thanks John Casablancas!

Ana (Parent of Victoria writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love the John Casablancas in Oakbrook/Chicago. It has been everything they have promised me and more! the classes I am taking are amazing, and so important to me. Because of John Casablancas I now am a working actor and have a manager and agent in LA> This program is by far..THE BEST!!

Sara (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I am so happy to be a part of the John Casablancas Chicago. I have learned so much and the classes are amazing. I now have three agents, one in Chicago and two in LA, because of the John Casablancas Chicago. The auditions I have every month at the school are how I met my agents. I also want to Thank Carmela the School Director for always being there to answer my questions and believing in me! and of course my wonderful coaches. I would recommend this program to everyone.

Hannah (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

By far John Casablancas – Chicago, has some of the best young talent I have seen in a while. I am looking forward to seeing those wonderful actors, that I called back out here in my office real soon. In addition, I feel that it is necessary to make sure that I thank Carmela Lucarelli and her wonderful staff on making my visit very welcoming.Cheers!

Milton - Talent Agent
Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier, INC.
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

Just want to send a huge thank you to everyone at Oak Brook Terrace in Chicago! Less than 6 months ago we went to an open call we heard advertised on the radio. My ten year old son always wanted to be an actor but I had no clue where to start or who to trust. The people at John Casablancas really cared about us and about what was right for Caleb and for our family. We were very skeptical at first. In the last 6 months every opportunity we were promised us has been more than we thought it would be. We have been put in front of many of the top agents in the country and through the training Caleb got in class (which he loved) he was well prepared for those meetings. One of his callbacks was for a convention in New York called IMTA. We were told this would be an opportunity of a lifetime for him. IMTA was everything it was advertised to be. We not only had a wonderful time but Caleb received over 15 callbacks from many of the top agents and managers in Los Angeles and New York. This put us in a position to choose who we wanted to work with and to be sure our son really did have the talent he needed to keep going. Now Caleb is represented in Chicago and is working regularly! We are on our way to Los Angeles in the near future to sign with an amazing agent and work in that market also! He's loving every minute! Thanks so much John Casablancas-Chicago! We wouldn't be here without you!

Jadie (Parent of Caleb writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

All I have to say about John Casablancas is do it!! John Casablancas has opened so many doors for me and I learned so much! Its was great!!

Mike (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I loved attending John Casablancas in Chicago. It was such a great experience! The staff was amazing and the School Director was always there to answer my questions and give me advice on agents and managers. I now have two agents and am working with my agents on a monthly basis. I am in Kohls, JC Penny, and American Girl ads all over the state. Without John Casablancas I would not be where I am now. You really need training to be in this Industry and thats what I have now..Training!

Jessica (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I've learned to speak in front of a big group and how to audition. I've built confidence in myself, and I learned if you work hard you can achieve your goal.

Austin (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

During my couple years here I have overcome my lack of confidece, plus I am becoming a better actor. Being here has taught me alot and I know I have alot more to learn.

Ashley (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has made me confident and creative. They made me believe in myself. The entire staff at John Casablancas are respectful. I enjoy coming to John Casablancas, because they know the best!

Valentyna (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I've learned how to achieve my goals. Last summer when I joined John Casablancas, I wanted an Acting and Modeling Agent..and Now I have one!

Renee (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has helped me so much in Acting and Modeling. I cannot wait to go to New York and meet agents and audition for them. The one thing I love about John Casablancas is coming to class every week and learning new things.

Angelica (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love the staff at John Casablancas they have helped me so much. The class I am in now has helped me become confident and speak up when performing.

Clarie (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love taking classes at John Casablancas. The staff is always so nice and are always giving advice. For the past year, I have learned so much about modeling and acting. The classes have really helped me to open up and try my hardest to be what I would like to be when I grow up. I am planning to take additional classes at John Casablancas and become a professional Actor.

Brianna (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

The Johjn Casablancas teachers are very nice! I'm doing monologues and commericals but before I was so shy, now I am so much better at acting.

Lauren (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love my Acting Class!

Mariah (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas taught me how to be more confident and it taught me how to act much better and express my feelings more. P.S- Ms. Maggie is the best Acting Coach Ever!

Emilija (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

First I was shy, and Now I'm excited to go to this place. I cant wait to see what happens next!

Chris (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has been the best experience I've had in a long time. I am so confident when I am acting. Meeting agents and casting directors every month have opened the doors for me in every way. Without John Casablancas I would not have my two agents that I have now. I now am a working actor. Its so great here!

Kristina (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has given me more confidence in public speaking.

Caleb (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love it here! The people are really nice and its cool to be here.

Darcy (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I think John Casablancas Center and the staff have helped me improve on my acting skills. I really enjoyed the class- it has prepared me to get a callback.

Madison (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has helped me by getting confident. I feel much better speaking in front of people. I have made many friends. I feel like making friends now is so much easier.

Grace (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

Being at John Casablancas I've learned to be more confident when speaking and be myself.

Alexandra (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

The program really helped me with facial expressions, and slowing down when auditioning. It was alot of fun. I didnt get any callbacks yet, but it helped me build up my resume. I'm glad I took out every saturday morning to do this, it was worth it!

Molly (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I am a more confident person. I have learned to be more energetic. I really enjoyed Ms. Kiea's class. The people here are really nice, and I wish the classes were longer!

Claudia John Casablancas - Chicago)

I was at John Casablancas a while back, and just today my dad told me about an audition there today but unfortunately I didn't attend. Instead I looked and explored the website remembering the good times and how much I missed going there every Saturday. When I did auditions and acting sessions at John Casablancas were the most amazing experience. I loved my teacher Ms. Maggie, she and the rest of the class were the best! I was taught valuable things not just in my acting career, that I just wanted to learn not just for auditions but for the sake of knowing! Overall, it's a memorable experience that really makes you go: "Woah!" I LOVE John Casablancas!

Regina (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

'My Experience with John Casablancas was amazing; something that happened unexpectedly. I am so grateful that my mom called and signed me up. I just went looking for a new experience following my dream to become and actor;so I gave it a shot and things starting to happen. Now I have a Manager and Agents, it's totally surreal to me. Ive been in a magazine, auditioned for TV and movies and going for the ride with Mitchell Gossett at United Talent.

Julio (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas was Great! Really the best time ever! I looked forward to every Tuesday. Ms. Maggie you Rock! It gave me so much inspiration and confidence! Not even kidding I love John Casablancas!!

Morgan (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I loved my experience at John Casablancas. It was one of the best experiences ive been in! All the staff is so nice and friendly. I learned to grow as a person and an actress. I grew out of my shyness and embarassment. I also met friends that I will have for a life time. I love my coach Ms. Maggie!

Genesis (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

While I was at John Casablancas I liked coming to class to learn. I got along with everyone right away. All the staff members were really friendly and were always available to answer my questions. The teachers were fun and helped me learn about the acting indusrty. Im really glad I went to John Casablancas.

Taylor (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

Being part of the John Casablancas family has been such a great experience for me. I've made friends here that I hope to keep forever. I will be extremely sad to leave, but anxious to apply my learned skills in the real (dramatic) world.

Emily (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is one place that you will never get bored. The staff is very respectfull and always asking how you are doing. I like that because it shows that the staff cares alot about you. Also the teachers always try to help you to be the best of the best. The program at John Casablancas helped me a bunch!

Spiros (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

My experience here at John Casablancas has been wonderful. Since the begining my talents have expanded greatly. The coaches here have been so nice and created such a comfortable atmosphere for me here. I am so thankful for the opportunities John Casablancas has given me.

Alina (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I LOVED my experience at John Casablancas. It taught me so much about the industry and I feel more confident. I loved my teach, Ms. Dannielle. She was sooo fun and made my experience enjoyable and educational. She taught me to strenghen my skills in speaking. I LOVE John Casablancas! I really felt a grasp of what its like to be in the indusrty.

Gina (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I loved my coach Ms. Dannielle. John Casablancas taught me alot!

Tia (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

Hi, my name is Selma. My experience with John Casablancas has been amazing! I just finished a photo shoot and I'm so grateful that I chose John Casablancas. I love all the photographers and cast members that have helped me become someone different that someone like Selma. I really recommend this opportunity. Follow your dream you always wished for because it will become true one day! It did for me and it can for you!

selma (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I was very impressed with my visit to John Casablanca's Chicago office. The staff really understands what it takes to prepare young talent to audition in front of industry guests. The kids I met with seemed to be having a blast and that's one of the most important things when it comes to child actors.

Breanna - Talent Agent
Defining Artists
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I have learned that acting is hard work and you need to work hard on it. I learned things that I NEVER knew. I love acting and I'm glad I joined the acting class at John Casablancas. I like going to auditions here and I know I do good because John Casablancas teaches me great things.

Kyrsten (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love going to class here! I love having Ms. Abby as my coach she is fun and great at what she does. The whole staff is awesome too. I have learned a lot from the classes I take it has made me more confident at acting and speaking in front of people. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.

Beatrice (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I attended the John Casablanca Chicago school, scouting for new talent and had an excellent experience. The staff, headed by Carmela Lucarelli, was organized, friendly, and really cared about their students. The talent that I saw was very well-prepared and I e-mailed the school a list of my callbacks. Most of the callback students have already contacted me, which shows that the school is on top of things. Overall, I had a great trip and look forward to seeing the school again in the future.

Philip Marcus - Talent Agent
KSA Los Angeles
(Writing about John Casablancas - Chicago)

I've made lots of friends here and its very fun. You learn alot and you get to audition every month. I've gotten so much better at my monologues because of my teachers.

Dianna (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is an awesome place to learn. All the kids are super energetic, very nice, and encourging. The coaches all know what we are going through when auditioning and are always there for you for whatever you need. I recommend John Casablancas to anyone!

Allison (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is such a learning experience! I learned so much about myself and how I can improve my acting skills, Now I know the best way to present myself in the best way!

Ali (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I really enjoy coming to John Casablancas because my coach Kiea is so nice and funny. I have learned so many things here that have helped me become a better actress. I also love going to the auditions and meeting new people. The John Casablancas staff are nice and help me when I need it.

Megan (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

What I like about John Casablancas is the monologues you learn and the auditions and all the agents I have met.

Taylor (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is a great place to take classes and audition. The teachers are nice and you learn alot about the different techniques for acting and IMPROV. You also get to meet tons of fun kids!

Emma (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

Its a really good opportunity to be involved in John Casablancas. In the classes you really learn so much about the industry and how to act. Our coach Ms. Kara is really great and helpful. I love it here =)

Kari (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

Right before I came to John Casablancas I decided to go for a career in Acting and John Casablancas came at a perfect timing. I used to have really really bad low self esteem, NOW I totally believe in myself through John Casablancas!

Alexandria (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

hi i love this program i hope i get to be on tv because i have never done a great thing like this xoxox, ana

Ana (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I just love John Casablancas! and the great experience they have offered me. I have met so many agents and casting directors through John Casablancas. The Agents that come here are from LA and they are so nice! They really come out here looking to sign students in there agency. I am so happy to be a part of this great program.

Christina (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

Good advice from the instructor and instruction on my monologue and I definitely feel more prepared now.

Holland (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

Our teacher is nice, fun, goofy. She knows how to have fun and I like the exercises they help us calm down and focus on whats going on.

Jennifer (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I felt it was a great class. It was really fun and I learned alot. Love to learn at John Casablancas. It’s always, always fun and awesome!

Jennifer M. (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I really enjoy the John Casablancas center so much! I have had the chance to meet agents and casting directors through this program. Meeting these agents from LA have really opened up a ton of doors for me. There is no way to meet these agents on your own. I really enjoy what I do here, the coaches are great and they help you understand the industry and it is not easy, its a long road but as long as you stick to it then its worth it 100%. I am so happy to have become a part of this great John Casablancas center!

Christina (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

It is so cool doing this John Casablancas program. I always love to jump in front of the camera and do what I have to do. I am so into this. And im calling my friends to do it, and so far one might do it too!

Katy (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

My classes at John Casablancas have made me come out of my shell, im so much more confident and out going. Im not so quiet anymore, and I love my new attitude!

Brittany (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has helped me become a better actress and do better in my acting. I love John Casablancas! The people are nice and they really help you.

Taelor (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love the fact that you can really feel comfortable with everyone at John Casablancas. Also, I have learned so much more that what I used to know and acting has always been my dream job. So, being at John Casablancas gives me a chance to do my dream.

Bianca (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

My experience at John Casablancas has strengthened my modeling and acting skills profoundly. My confidence has skyrocketed ever since I began the program and is still shining. The life long skills that I learn here will help me with my career and my future.

Daniella (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is great in so many ways, we have so many opportunties here. We learn so much that it can help us throughout our careers. We also have a lot of fun with the teachers they are great and they help us the best they can. It is a great experience. The teachers and the other staff members are so nice and helpful to the students. I love John Casablancas! and you can make a lot of friends too!

Kristen (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

Wow! I love John Casablancas. I love learning about acting. When I have auditions ,my coach helps me prepare for it so I can get a job as an actress. When I get rejected by agents my coaches help me get right back up and feel so much better. I love my coaches. I have made so many friends! I have a blast here at John Casablancas.

Marissa (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

The extraordinary experience with the John Casablancas center is amazing. The staff is wonderful, I feel so awesome with my class. I really think this has paid off for me. I took a big step that will help me with what I want to do. John Casablancas center is Rockin Awesome! Trust me.

Daisy (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I really enjoyed the John Casablancas program. It taught me alot about myself and helped me raise my confidence level. I learned many things about myself that I never really knew. I think it is a great program and a good way for people to learn about who they are!

Sana (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancass has given me a foundation of information, to help me know what to look for when going out to look for jobs. The training has provided me with the opportunity and challenges of walking into possible situations we may face with auditions. The training has given me the confidence to go forward and to be proactive in a career or just persue an opportunity to perform.

Diane (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is a great school. They gave me the opportunties to learn new things and sharpen my acting skills. They gave me the chance to participate in auditions with casting directors and talent scouts from New York and Los Angeles. I would like to give a special thanks to J.C. for encouraging me and opening the door to my acting career.

Logan (Graduate of John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love John Casablancas they'ved helped me so much. I use to have such low confidence, Now going to John Casablancas they helped me with that and so many other things. They taught me how to apply makeup,runway walk, also act ! Thank you so much John Casablancas!

Shantal (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I love the atmosphere at John Casablancas! It is very friendly and happy!

Lynn (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I think that being at John Casablancas is a very fun and interesting learning experience. I believe everyone, including myself, can take what is learned and apply it to all aspects of life. John Casablancas is fun, but at the same time serious too. You learn something new with every class you attend. These classes are very good for my future.

Colleen (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas offers amazing programs, not only do we learn about modeling and acting, we actually get to apply it to different and fun activities that we do in class. The classes are great!

Nina (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is the greatest place to be! I'm learning all that there is to know about being a proper and a professional model. I even know how to apply my make-up in several ways...I'm becoming a PRO!

Jeanette (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

My experience here at John Casablancas was excellent! Everyone from the staff, to the teachers were very nice and very helpful. By coming here I learned a lot more about myself, and I could open up more than I ever have. Thanks to the John Casablancas Centers. Everyone here is like a family to me and that is an awesome feeling to have. Thanks for everything John Casablancas!

Maurice (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas is one of the greatest experiences in my life. The classes are exciting, creative and different in every class session. We learn great techniques for us to succeed before John Casablancas I did not use make-up but now, I know how to apply it professionally, and teach others. This is the place to be if your serious about your career.

Tiffany (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I believe that this class has taught me a lot! Everything has been explained to me very well. Everyone is friendly and I'm excited for my future.

Danielle (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I am really glad I decided to take the John Casablancas Image and Development class. The coach is awesome and enthusiatic. She knows her profession well, and the experience here is unforgettable! I have learned so much, and I would not be where I am today if it had not been for John Casablancas!

Nikoletta (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

John Casablancas has helped me a lot to come out of my comfort zone, and open up. They have taught me several helpful tips on make-up, runway, and fashion. I have become open and outgoing since I have started the class.

Esther (Student at John Casablancas - Chicago)

I believe John Casablancas has helped me a lot with my confidence. I have practiced my runway walk with my coach, and it has been improving a lot. This is teaching me how to be independent and the know the important things a model has to know.